When to Bathe and Bloodlet: The Oldest Text Printed in Norway is a Fortune-Telling Book

When to Bathe and Bloodlet: The Oldest Text Printed in Norway is a Fortune-Telling Book


The year is 1643. King Christian IV and his officials have succeeded in “Dane-ifying” Norway: Runes have been replaced by Latin letters and Old Norse by Danish.

Parish priest Christen Steffensen Bang in Romedal in Eastern Norway persuades the 33-year-old Danish book printer Tyge Nielssøn to move his business northwards from Copenhagen to Norway and Christiania (Oslo).

Bang’s motivation is to get his own religious scripts printed. The Danish book printer receives 200 riksdaler (dollars) and 300 “rice” paper (1 “rice” equals 20 books, each containing 500 sheets of paper) in compensation.

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In 1643 when Tyge Nielssøn establishes himself, there are no other printing houses in Christiania. Whoever wants to get something pressed must travel to Denmark or other European countries further south, something very costly and time consuming.

Example of a 1568 printers - At the left in the foreground, a "puller" removes a printed sheet from the press. The "beater" to his right is inking the forme. In the background, compositors are setting type.

The first Nielssøn prints are two small theological writings. Then he decided to produce the Almanac for 1644 with the full title: “En Ny Allmanach paa det Aar efter Jesu Christi Fødsel 1644. Christiania Aff Tyge Nielssøn” (English: “A New Almanac for the Year after the Birth of Jesus Christ 1644. Christiania by Tyge Nielssøn”).

Fortune-telling books were certain sales successes and far more lucrative than theological writings.

Postcard ‘At the Fortune Teller.’ ( National Library of Norway )

Movements of the Sun and the Moon

It was in Denmark’s interest that Norwegians could read and write Danish. In the middle of the 1700s, there existed virtually no illiteracy in Norway, and already in the year 1644, a majority of Christiania’s population could read and write.

Image of the first book ever published in Norway, the almanac “Allmanach paa det aar efter Jesu Christi Fødsel 1644”, published by Tyge Nielssøn in 1644.

The town and its 4,000 inhabitants had little knowledge about writings other than prayer and hymnbooks. For Tyge Nielssøn to survive he had to press affordable books that attracted public interest.

The 48-page almanac only measures 10 x 7.5 centimeters (4 x 3 inches) and contains an overview of the days of the year. In addition, there is an overview of the movements of the sun and the moon, planets and stars, and it provides references to passages in the Bible.

It also gives information about when it is advantageous to take a bath and perform bloodletting.

The last part of the almanac contains an overview of important market days in Denmark and Norway, as well as a Prognosticon, a weather forecast for the coming year.

The book printer must have had access to many astronomical symbols because the almanac is filled with them.

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Updated version of the 1644 fortune-telling book. Note the variety of astronomic symbols.

Parish priest and sponsor Christen Steffensen Bang who wanted to print his own religious manuscript “Postilla Catechetica,” was annoyed that Tyge Nielssøn instead chose to press an almanac. He took Nielssøn to court, and on April 3, 1644 the book printer had to hand over all his printing equipment to Bang.

Today, only one copy of Norway’s first printed book still exists – owned and stored by the National Library of Norway.

Tyge Nielssøn’s stay in Christiania was short, but he left a permanent mark on Norwegian history with his little fortune-telling book.

Pages within the 1644 edition of the fortune-telling book. ( National Library of Norway )

The reader will find in this book sketches of experiences among gypsies of different nations by one who speaks their language and is conversant with their ways. These embrace descriptions of the justly famed musical gypsies of St. Petersburg and Moscow, by whom the writer was received literally as a brother of the Austrian gypsies, especially those composing the first Romany orchestra of that country, selected by Liszt, and who played for their friend as they declared they had never played before for any man and also of the English, Welsh, Oriental, and American brethren of the dark blood and the tents. I believe that the account of interviews with American gypsies will possess at least the charm of novelty, but little having as yet been written on this extensive and very interesting branch of our nomadic population. To these I have added a characteristic letter in the gypsy language, with translation by a lady, legendary stories, poems, and finally the substance of two papers, one of which I read before the British Philological Society, and the other before p. iv the Oriental Congress at Florence, in 1878. Those who study ethnology will be interested to learn from these papers, subsequently combined in an article in the &ldquoSaturday Review,&rdquo that I have definitely determined the existence in India of a peculiar tribe of gypsies, who are par eminence the Romanys of the East, and whose language is there what it is in England, the same in vocabulary, and the chief slang of the roads. This I claim as a discovery, having learned it from a Hindoo who had been himself a gypsy in his native land. Many writers have suggested the Jats, Banjars, and others as probable ancestors or type-givers of the race but the existence of the Rom himself in India, bearing the distinctive name of Rom, has never before been set forth in any book or by any other writer. I have also given what may in reason be regarded as settling the immensely disputed origin of the word &ldquoZingan,&rdquo by the gypsies&rsquo own account of its etymology, which was beyond all question brought by them from India.

In addition to this I have given in a chapter certain conversations with men of note, such as Thomas Carlyle, Lord Lytton, Mr. Roebuck, and others, on gypsies an account of the first and family names and personal characteristics of English and American Romanys, prepared for me by a very famous old gypsy and finally a chapter on the &ldquoShelta Thari,&rdquo or Tinkers&rsquo Language, a very curious jargon or language, never mentioned before by any writer except Shakespeare. What this tongue may be, beyond the p. v fact that it is purely Celtic, and that it does not seem to be identical with any other Celtic dialect, is unknown to me. I class it with the gypsy, because all who speak it are also acquainted with Romany.

For an attempt to set forth the tone or feeling in which the sketches are conceived, I refer the reader to the Introduction.

When I published my &ldquoEnglish Gypsies and their Language,&rdquo a reviewer declared that I &ldquohad added nothing to our&rdquo (that is, his) &ldquoknowledge on the subject.&rdquo As it is always pleasant to meet with a man of superior information, I said nothing. And as I had carefully read everything ever printed on the Romany, and had given a very respectable collection of what was new to me as well as to all my Romany rye colleagues in Europe, I could only grieve to think that such treasures of learning should thus remain hidden in the brain of one who had never at any time or in any other way manifested the possession of any remarkable knowledge. Nobody can tell in this world what others may know, but I modestly suggest that what I have set forth in this work, on the origin of the gypsies, though it may be known to the reviewer in question, has at least never been set before the public by anybody but myself, and that it deserves further investigation. No account of the tribes of the East mentions the Rom or Trablūs, and yet I have personally met with and thoroughly examined one of them. In like manner, the &ldquoShelta Thari&rdquo has remained till the present day entirely p. vi unknown to all writers on either the languages or the nomadic people of Great Britain. If we are so ignorant of the wanderers among us, and at our very doors, it is not remarkable that we should be ignorant of those of India.

When to Bathe and Bloodlet: The Oldest Text Printed in Norway is a Fortune-Telling Book - History

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In a series of splendid journeys Mr. Holmes unfolds before your eyes the beauties of travel in Foreign Lands, with such narrative skill, with so many strange experiences, incidents and humorous episodes and so admirably illustrated by over 4,000 photographs taken on the spot by Mr Holmes himself, as to carry you in spirit over 22,000 miles of travel, through thirty of the most interesting countries and cities of the world 18 [pgbrk] McClure's—The Marketplace of the World AN IMPERIAL PROCESSION For the Boy or Girl at School or College THINK what a tour of the world would mean to them with the world - famous traveler, E. Burton Holmes, as companion and guide. Bacon says that travel is a necessary part of a liberal education. The Burton Holmes Travelogues would afford your boy and girl all the pleasures and education of travel, and will enable them to talk with confidence and intelligence about foreign cities and countries and their peoples as they are to-day. 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AUGUSTUS SAINT-GAUDENS i Readers of McClure s who enjoyed the letters of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, printed in the October and November McClure's, will be interested in knowing that the PERSONAL REMINISCENCES OF AUGUSTUS SAINT-GAUDENS WILL APPEAR IN THE CENTURY MAGAZINE BEGINNING WITH THE JANUARY NUMBER In his last years Mr. Saint-Gaudens wrote and dictated an autobiography, rich in its descriptions and anecdotes, and characteristically modest concerning his own distinguished accomplishments. Extracts from this remarkable work will be given in The Century. The January number of The Century will contain the first article in this series—a remarkably vivid account of life in New York in the Civil War period, when young Saint-Gaudens was an apprentice and an ambitious student of art. As a picture of city life from the point of view of a youth it is unique in literature. These articles will appear from time to time in The Century. Do not miss the first one in January. The Subscription price of The Century Magazine is $4.00 a year. All dealers, agents or the publishers take subscriptions. The Century Co. : Union Square : New York The Century in 1909 ABRAHAM LINCOLN Celebrating the centennial of his birth —unpublished documents from his pen, etc. I GROVER CLEVELAND * Articles about him by the men who p knew him best. 1 QUEEN VICTORIA If Letters from the wife of the American r minister to England in the forties. 1 AUGUSTUS SAINT-GAUDENS J His autobiography begins in January. PADEREWSKI J and other great musicians furnish in->| terviews. .1 HELEN KELLER n writes for The Century. See " My Dreams " in November. ANDREW CARNEGIE is writing on the Tariff for The Century. (See December.) ALICE HEGAN RICE the author of "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch," contributes a novel, a " Mr. Opp." Begins in December. 1 THOMPSON SETON vj who wrote " The Biography of a Griz-zly"forThe Century, is writing a great fox story. Begins in December. DR. S. WEIR MITCHELL Thomas Nelson Page, Edith Wharton, Kate Douglas Wiggin, Jack London, "Frances Little," Ruth McEnery Stuart, are among the story writers. FAMOUS PAINTINGS by American artists reproduced in full color, will be a feature of 1909. 23 [pgbrk] McClure's—The Marketplace of the World A Great Dictionary Bargain for Christmas THE NEW AMERICAN ENCYCLOPEDIC DICTIONARY CA rpnfc Secures this Great OV Reference Library This magnificent reference work, costing three-quarters of a million dollars to produce, is a dictionary and encyclopedia combined. In fullness of definitions, number of words defined and accuracy, it is superior to reference works selling for five times its price. It has been recently revised and enlarged by a staff7 of American editors. Its five big volumes contain an inexhaustible mine of information on every subject, defining 250,000 words. 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THE JOHN C WINSTON CO., Publishers, Philadelphia, Pa. 24b [pgbrk] McClure's—The Marketplace of the World From a Publisher's Note Book (Memoranda of suggestions for advertising the American Magazine) A Magazine unscared by panic or prosperity from reporting the needed facts or making the righteous interpretation. N. B.—Quote Philadelphia Ledger about staff: "These men and women have had a large part in the creation and stimulation of the awakened conscience of the nation.'' Stop! Look! Listen! Three great series: Miss Tar-bell on the American Woman (beginning early number). William Allen White on the New Period of Reconstruction (beginning January number). Ray Stannard Baker on The Spiritual Unrest (beginning in December number). Laugh and Grow Wise by reading "Mr. Dooley's" witty comments on the Rockefeller autobiography in the December number. Only one New Writer has Appeared in the last year who has really touched people's hearts David Grayson—modest, humorous, genuine David Grayson. His stories appear only in the American Magazine. A new one in December. Back to Your Own Boyhood. Applied to Stewart White's unique boy stories. They begin in December with ' 'Until the Last Shot.'' In the Interpreter's House is the most important serial now running in any magazine. Fresh and complete chapters every month. Begin by reading the December number. Only three Magazines now ahead of us in circulation, and we are walking up on them. Since October 1st three times as many subscriptions received as last year. Happiness at the Old Price. Still ten cents and as good as any. Many people say it is the best at any price. Christmas Number now selling on 18,000 news-stands. Delivered for twelve months anywhere in this country on the very day of publication in New York for $1.00. ^The December i American i Magazine The Phillips Publishing Co., 341 5th Ave., New York 24c [pgbrk] McClure's—The Marketplace of the World The ONLY COMPLETE edition ever published In English. New translations by William F. Fleming. This version contains the celebrated Tobias Smollett notes taken from the famous 18th century translation, specially edited and revised for this work. It also contains a masterly critique and biography of Voltaire by Kt. Hoa. John Morley, M. P.____ WONDERFUL Two-Thirds-off-Regnlar-Price Offer In order to allow bookbuyers and lovers of rare editions the opportunity to secure one of the sets from this printing before going into the market through regular channels, we have set aside 100 sets which will go to those who write at once—not at 1172.00—but at $60.00—two-thirds off regular—and in small monthly payments. VOLTAIRE holds the first place in the front rank of the strongest and brightest writers of the world. He was the greatest literary genius of the age, a master of language and his historical writings effected a revolution. VOLTAIRE stands apart as an entertainer from others such as Balzac, Hugo, and his country's novelists and poets. His delicious humor and mordant sarcasm amuse, but also inspire there is a moral purpose in every play of his merry fancy. His histories are as readable as his best novels. VOLTAIRE inspired the forces that accomplished the beneficent results of the American Revolution and directly contributed to the independence of our country. VOLTAIRE is emphatically the most readable, pithy, sparkling, learued, versatile and entertaining writer that ever consecrated so splendid an armory of intellectual weapons to the unselfish, practical, lifelong service of humanity in trouble of mind, body or state. ST. LOUIS GLOBE DEMOCRAT.—"// is a great collection and no Library will be complete without it. CHICAGO RECORD-HERALD.—" This edition is a feast for the student and a universe of charmfor the casual reader." BOSTON GLOBE.—"ft would seem as if no quarter of the globe would be more likely to receive with popular acclaim the splendid edition of Voltaire just published^ than liberty-loving A merica. 43 DE LUXE VOLUMES Size of each and% xilA Inches. Weight oi set 125 lbs. 13034 Pages Over 160 Illustrations 45 Hand Colored. Complete Set only 10 Cents per day. The text is printed from a new type, elegant and clear, on specially made antique finish paper. Many of the illustrations are celebrated in the realm of art as rare examples of the most exquisite and piquant old French designs, special to the text, forming in themselves a gallery of famous historic characters. Each ¦volume has a frontispiece by world-famed masters. The sets are handsomely bound in Red English Buckram. This offer Is strictly limited to loo sets. By simply writing your name and address on the coupon below you incur no obligation, but the complete set will be sent for your examination and aporoval, all charges prepaid. If satisfactory remit us $3.00 as first payment and $3.00 each month for 19 months. If the books are not what you want, return them at our expense. Remember, you are as near as the nearest mall box. MAIL COUPON TO-DAY. THE ST. HUBERT GUILD of ART Workshops, Akron, 0. The St. HUBERT GUILD, Akron, Ohio . Igo. Please send me, charges prepaid, the complete works of Voltaire, in. Forty-three (43) Volumes, bound in Red English Buckram. If satisfactory I will remit you $3.00 at once and $3.00 per month for rg months. If not, I will advise you within ten days. i Name. Address. Citv. State. McC. 12-08 . 24d [pgbrk] McClure's—The Marketplace of the World S. S. McCLURE, Editor of McClure's Magazine : THE CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA is a perfect piece of book-making in this field. It is well printed and substantially bound. It is the most thorough exposition of human history and institutions as seen from the standpoint of the Catholic Church. It is the only form in which a complete and comprehensive presentation of this great institution, now nearly two thousand years old, could be clearly set forth. It represents a mass of learning and research and knowled ge car efully selected and edited that has no parallel in dealing with a single great institution, As a masterly presentation of the facts in regard to a very influential force in modern history, it is an essential work for any man who wishes to be well informed. MILLION DOLLAR MARK PASSED! Unprecedented Record oi American Book - Making. More than $1,000,000 Advance Sales of THE CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA - r«_ w, „ brochure Thirty-Two Broad Departments oi Specinien Pages Art, Philosophy, Science, Apologetics, Biography, Church History, Education, Liturgy, Arch- /I Illustrations. Jllum-reology, The Saints, Music, Civil History, Literature, Patrology, Scripture, Theology, Canon / 4jr inations in Colors, Ed-Law, Architecture, Sculpture, Ethics, Papacy, Painting, Religions, Missions, Clergy, Belt- / itorialand Press Reviews, gious Orders, Laity, Statistics, Catechetics, Hierarchy, Sociology, Bibliography. / */ and other valuable and in-FIFTEEN VOLUMES. 30,000 AETICLES. 2,000 ILLUSTRATIONS AND MAPS / f . '^uKrwfnVS11' THE WORK OF OVER A THOUSAND OF THE WORLD'S MOST EMINENT / 4? JSp£ SCHOLARS, REPRESENTING TWENTY-SEVEN NATIONALITIES. /A wl>l be sent complimentary on w-i iuiuuu

*y receipt of the attached application. Rnard nf Fnifnrc Charles G. Herbermann, Ph.D., 1JL.T).,Editor-in-Chief / V To Robert Appleton Company, DUdlUUI LUIUHt Conde B. Pallen.Ph.D., UL,.V>., Managing Editor /JS 39 West 38th Street, New York. Edward A. Pace, Ph.D., D.D. Thomas J. Shahan, J.U.L.,' D.D. / * JS$and^^andgZS£^SX John J. Wynne, S. J. / 4? complete Article No. of The y jtp' Catholic Encyclopedia, as referred to in your x announcement in McCLURE'S MAGAZINE. COMPLIMENTARY—Any one of the following /J? articles (complete) from THE CATHOLIC ENCYCLO- /$ PEDIA will be sent complimentary on receipt of / Name. 1 attached application : / and 1. Anglicanism 6. Atheism 11. Alexander VI (Borgia) _ , 2. Astronomy 7. Creation 12. Bankruptcy / Street. 3. Catacombs 8. Coliseum 13. St. Augustine / 4. Christianity 9. Dante 14. Communism / / 5. Corporations 10. Babylonia 15. Social Contracts/ City. State. 24e [pgbrk] McClure's— The Marketplace of the World harper and protfjer* Jftction Juat Setfuefc THE TESTING OP DIANA MALLORY By Mrs. Humphry Ward. This is by far the strongest story in its purely human appeal that Mrs. Ward has written. It is, too, the most dramatic—a novel that charms and thrills as a story first of all. In addition it has in full measure the grace and distinction for which Mrs. Ward is celebrated. The tense, yet tender, story of a girl who, on the eve,of her betrothal to the son of a great house, comes into cruel knowledge concerning her dead mother. The man is given the opportunity of sheltering her in this time of storm, and he—how does he meet it ? That is the storv. Eight illustrations in Sepia from the original paintings by W. Hatherell, R. I. Post 8vo, cloth. $i- A SPIRIT IN PRISON By Robert Hiciiens. Here is, at last, another " Garden of Allah "—a book with all the atmospheric power of Hichen's great masterpiece. A SPIRIT IN PRISON is a new wonder work with the charm of a fresh new story. The scene is Italy. Human love is as sunny as its skies, and the bursts of passion are like the sudden storms that break over its blue lakes. Italy's people, its shores and islands, are brought to all but sight and sound in these pages. The love story involves an English woman, her husband and her daughter in a gripping way. Illustrated. Post 8vo, cloth . $1.75 THE SHADOW WORLD By Hamlin Garland. Here is a new hypothesis in explanation of the bewildering " spirit " .forces, and Mr. Garland advances proof that this hypothesis may have nothing to do with the communication of the living with the dead. He sets forth, not talk, but the actual records. It is an amazing, convincing and wonderfully entertaining tale—an entrancing story. Post 8vo, cloth. . . . . $1.35 j Jleto Works of importance ROMAN HOLIDAYS By William Dean Howells. The ripe, literary fruit of a sojourn which Mr. Howells enjoyed in Rome and Italy the last winter. Illustrated. Square 8vo. Uncut Edges, Gilt Top. Net, $3 .00. Tourist Edition, limp leather . . . . . . Net, $3.00 THE SPEAKING VOICE By Katherine Jewell Everts. So far from being a mere discourse on elocution, this is a vivacious, familiar discussion of the proper management of the voice in ordinary conversation. The author, a well-known teacher of vocal culture, gives plain directions for overcoming common defects of speech, especially that hardness and shrillness of intonation to which Americans are said to be peculiarly prone. The exercises recommended are so simple and natural that any one can follow them without trouble. Post 8vo, cloth . . Net, $1.00 Jleto ^oltbap poofes THE CHARIOT RACE from BEN-HUR Illustrated with paintings by Sigsmund de Ivanowski. Decorations, typography and binding make this one of the season's really brilliant books. Octavo, cloth . . . $1.25 THE HOLE BOOK Pictures and Verses by Peter Newell. Here is the best Peter Newell idea in a picture-book in colors—for grown-ups especially, and small people, too. A mischievous boy is playing with a pistol when it suddenly goes off. The hole in the book marks its fun-strewn path. It is a real hole, too—a sure enough hole cut through each page of the book. Illustrated cover. Cloth, small 410. $1.25 24f [pgbrk] McClure's—The Marketplace of the World This Great World History SENT TO YOUR HOME FREE Just send your name and address on the coupon below—that is all you need to do. It does not cost one penny and as soon as your name and address is received a set of the World famous Library of Universal History will be sent to you prepaid. UpDp U the greatest opportunity ever offered —an *¦*opportunity for our readerB to secure at less than half price these fifteen beautiful volumes all printed from large new type, embellished with over 100 double page maps and plans, 700 full page illustrations, many of which are in colors, and over 5,000 pages of reading matter. This offer is made possible by the failure of the publishers. The Union Bopfc Co., of Chicago. Hundreds of sets of this work have been Bold at $60.00 each and they are worth every cent of it, but we now name you a rock-bottom bankrupt price of only 50c after examination and $2.00 per month for 14 months. It is impossible to name a lower price for cash in full, as this is less than half the publisher's price and is made only to close out the few remaining sets quickly. 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Benjamin Andrews, Chancellor of the University of Nebr., says: "Its educational value in tho home is sure to be very great." Rev. Frank W. Cunsaulus, of Chicago, says: "These volumes will beof immense service in stimulating history study in our country. It is a work of real genius," Prof. Dabney, of Virginia, says: "Southern readers will be gratified at the impartial spirit in which the war for South-em independence is treated.'* The St. Louis Globe Democrat says: "This work invests the study of History with a new charm that will be felt by both young and old. 15 Massive Volumes Each volume 7 inches wide and 10 inches high weight, boxed, nearly "VJT7/T7p BEFORE In the annals of the publishing 1NI-J V Jl-iXV. business have we seen such a bargain. We do not hesitate to recommend this offer to every reader of this magazine indeed we believe every family should own a standard World History, for by knowing how other countries than ours are governed, it gives us a better knowledge and higher appreciation of our own system of government and makes ns better citizens. We Will be glad to give you an opportunity to see for yourself and make your own decision after you have seen the beautiful binding, the magnificent illustrations and have read parts of this great History of man on earth. Then you can decide. Should you not wish to keep the work you will notify us and we will have it returned at our expense. The Illustration of the books given here does not do them justice you must see them to realize what they are. 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There s no snellingthat can begin with it on this planet outside of the White House P Full of'just the humor that makes you laugh while you catch your breath at the ereat. honest, human heart beneath it all. at ^f^f^teen funny Jennie Allen post-cards, free to any address. Corric Who? By MAXIMILIAN FOSTER With illustrations by George Brehm. $1.50. Who was she? * . Mystery, love and intrigue, spun like a spider's web across the threshold of a charming old house on New York's West Side I . • , You read for the joy of the story and pause for delight in the telling. Only in some masterpiece1 of an elder day have you loved a heroine and hated her enemies as earnestly as you will in" Corrie Who? " Fate's a Fiddler By EDWIN GEORGE PINKHAM With illustrations by Lester Ralph. 81.50. " A most fascinating novel, and one that the reader with the more finely cultivated taste will appreciate."— Book News Monthly. Tale of Temptation By ANNE WARNER Author of "Susan Clegg," "The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary," etc. With illustrations by Paul K. M. Thomas Decorated pages. $1.25. A remarkable study of the power of thought. The reader thrills with the intimate mystery of it. " The most puzzling book of the year a beautiful parable."—Detroit News. " The book has all the fascination that the veiled allegory can possess." >—Louisville Courier-Journal. LICATIONS l The Panther: t, I and My True Love etc By H. A. MITCHELL KEAYS Author of "The Road to Damascus," "He that Eateth Bread with Me,' With illustrations by Lester Ralph. $1.50. The old, old story with a latter-day difference,—the story of a daughter of divorce and what she learns from her father and mother. The mother says of the daughter, "She shall have the romance that her youth has a right to" and the daughter says of the mother, "I think she has been married enough." Read and see what each of them does about it, and see if these are not two women between whom it might puzzle any man, young or old, to choose! "The dramatic value of the scenes is decided a novel one will not set down until one has finished the story of the warring temperaments."'—Chicago Journal Long Odds By HAROLD BINDLOSS Author of "Alton of Somasco," etc etc With illustrations by Hermann C. Wall. $i 50 'One of those rare stories that send us away in permanent possession r,f new facts and theories. 'Long Odds' is a story of adventure but its nirfnre of the enslaved degradation of the west coast of Africaisterribleinitsfidelit There are very few stories that are so striking a combination of actinn »Ia sentimentwith so much force as a message from one of the darkest corner, of the earth."—San Francisco Argonaut. turners " Description, narration, and characterization reach a high level in tt. remarkable story."— Boston Herald. e evel ln tiaB Wherever books are sold Small, Maynard and Company, Boston The Poems of Madison Cawein Definitive Idition de luxe, limited, in five volumes, illustrated with photo-gravures after paintings by Eric Pape. With an introduction by Edmund Gosse. Boxed, the set, $15.00 net. The Coming Science By Hereward Carrinoton Author of "The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism," ' etc. $1.50 net. Psychical research is increasing in significance. A prominent member of the Society for Psychical Research calls this " the best, finest, sanest, and most telling book in defence of the subject yet penned." Psychical Research and the Resurrection By James H. Htslop Author of " Science and a Future Life," etc. $1.50 net. " The most important critical book relating to this fascinating subject that has appeared during the present year." — Boston A dvertiser. Edgar Allan Poe By John Mact' With photogravure frontispiece 2imo. 75 cents net. The approaching Poe centenary makes this new Beacon Biography exceptionally timely. The Psychology of Advertising By Walter Dill Scott' Professor of Psychology, Northwestern University. Profusely illustrated. $2.00 net. An indispensable business-building book. Uniform with the author's *' Theory of Advertising." The American Stage of To=day By Walter Prichard Eaton Dramatic Critic of the New York Sun. $1.50 me*. A vital treatment of the drama in I style full of humor and alertness. The Land of Lost By Allen Ayrault Green Author of "The Good Fairy and the Bunnies." Profusely illustrated. $1.25. The fascinating story of Dorothy's surprising adventures in the land where the lost things go. Grandmother Goose Stories By John Howard Jewett (Hannah Warner) Author of' The Bunny Stories," etc. Four volumes, profusely illustrated, each 75 cents. " The Kittens and the Bear," "What Happened to the Little Chicks," "The Goslings' Picnic," "The Ducklings Oo A-Swimming," are the titles of this lovable series. Of particular value to kinder-gartners. 24 [pgbrk] McClure's—The Marketplace of the World "Delightfully) witty, delightfully humorous, delightfully cynical, delightfully sane, and, above all, delightfully spontaneous." Flower o/f fie D uslv 400,000 SOLD There is probably no other living writer who has the extraordinary popularity of MYRTLE REED There is always a large circle of readers waiting for each of her new books as S it appears. 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The Book of Clever Beasts Illustrated by Peter Newell. $1.50 FULL DESCRIPTIVE CIRCULAR SENT ON REQUEST ite* 'Putnam's and he Reader G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS NEW YORK AND LONDON The Knickerbocker Press 24i [pgbrk] McClure's—The Marketplace of the World THE MAGAZINE MAN A POSTAL GETS IT MAGAZINES at cut bates The Grumiaux News and Subscription Co. would be pleased to mail you a copy of their handsome (i4-|>age calaloprue, showing you how to save money on all vour reading, and BEFORE YOU SUBSCRIBE It will pay you to drop a postal card and see what Grumiaux is offering this year. Our business is subscription only. We have no other employment or business of any kind: our whole time and the time of 100 clerks will beat your disposal. We handle thousands of dollars every year for our 50,000 customers. Our offers are stronger this year than ever before. Ask for our 64-page Catalogue. Address iPOTTH/IT A TTV NEWS AND SUBSCRIPTION IjIVUIyIIAUA COMPANY - - LeRoy, N. Y. 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fiage Catalogue containing all subscription offers, is sure to interest you. A postal card brings it to your door. Better ^Write To-da y The Story-Life of Lincoln is Lincoln's Life Told in Story by Himself and His Friends. ]Sent FREEj for Exam= inatio THE STORY UFE 1IMC0LN From over 100 authoritative sources there has been selected the best true story of every event in Lincoln's life. Theyare not mere random "yarns" but are arranged in their proper order and form A Connected and Complete Biography from his birth to his martyrdom. The stories are told as he told his stories—to reveal or explain something worth while—and they teach you to know Lincoln just as he was and not as some author thought about him. Prominent Men Say: Wm. O. Stoddard, Lin-coin's former Secretary— " I wish my old White House associates Nicolay and Hay could see it and send you their approval. I do so for them." U. S. Senator Beveridge— 11 Excellent and novel." F. D. Tandy, Sec. Lincoln Edu= catlonal League —" Fascinating to the casual reader—satisfactory to the profound student." General J. F. Bell, Chief-of-Staff, U. S. Army—"Will bring us all nearer to Lincoln than ever before." ^STRATEP The Largest and Finest Book , Ever Sold for the Price. It / contains over 500 stories, 700 pages, 150 illus trations (some never previously published), printed on extra high surface paper, beautifully bound. The John C. 'q / Winston Co. 1006-16 Arch St.,Phila.,Pa. SPECIAL OFFER. We will send this work to you FREE-all charges prepaid—subject to examination. If it does not please you return it at our expense. /cS^Y Please send with-If it pleases you remit the / jr out charge, " The Special Offer price, $1.75. Story-Life of Lin- Use coupon. coin." I will remit -fy

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